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update on our services, 16.3.20

Right now we know that a lot of people are understandably very worried about the next few months. It's a fast moving situation. no-mad is a small company, and like many small businesses we depend on keeping doing what we do, and being dependable and good at it too.

We just wanted to make sure that we put our position out, for you to understand openly.

This weekend we had a fantastic time running a map-reading for trail running course in the Clwydian Range.

Before the weekend the participants received this e-mail

Evening everyone, obviously the situation regarding Coronovirus has changed since earlier in the week.
I appreciate that there are a lot of different feelings about the virus at the moment, but wanted to give you and option.
Please familiarise yourself with the advice that NHS Wales is giving -
In simple terms if you have a recent persistent cough or a high temperature please do not attend. Sorry to be blunt, but this is for the welfare of all participants.
I will put another course on later in the year, once we know how the virus situation develops, and if you wish to postpone tomorrow, I am happy to transfer you to this course free of charge.
Please let me know on and I will make sure that you get messaged later in the year.
Apologies for the late e-mail, but I hope you appreciate this has been a fast moving situation.
If I do see you tomorrow, the weather looks a little improved, and I look forward to doing the course with you.
All the best,

Some participants deferred, and this is totally supported, but equally we'll keep doing what we can.

This won't change for no-mad over the coming months. We know how important it is to support events and people in getting outdoors, and unless you're ill, or we're ill or we're told by the Government we can't, we'll keep doing what we're doing with a smile and with passion.

Here's some feedback from this Saturday :-)

What a fab day - really feel I'm getting to grips with this map reading thing. Brill step by step instruction from Ash - thanks for being so informative, enthusiastic and entertaining! Thanks also to Annie and Helen for their support during the day. Great day had by all 👍😁x

No, we don't want the vulnerable people to suffer physically with the virus, but also we're so aware of the bigger picture, community, mental health, supply chain (cafe's, accommodation providers etc).

And more than anything else, normality and hope are so important for us all to work together to get through this bumpy time.

So, this Thursday we're out educating our team and other local mountain enthusiasts in Geology and Glaciology, and we're looking forward to providing support to events, guiding and teaching in our wonderful places.

If you have any doubts, get in touch, but if we can, we will keep our services going and we'll value your support in being enthusiastic about our fabulous places.

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