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Event First Aid

Great events don't just happen, they take a lot of hard work and planning.

Providing good First Aid cover on the hill is a blend of technical clinical skill, and being highly competent in that environment.

We at no-mad work with organisers to ensure that the service we provide is seamless and of the highest quality.

"Having no-mad on board meant we didn't get diverted from what we were out to achieve, another amazing edition of the Pen Llyn Ultra race event. Listening to the feedback from runners, even having someone to have a quick look at blisters, and giving advice and reassurance from a knowledgeable point of view was a serious value add for the event."

Ash is also an Advanced Provider member of the Faculty of Prehospital Care at The Royal College of Srugeions (Edinburgh), an associate trainer for REAL First Aid, and Head of Health & Safety UK Athletics


If you want guidance on risk management please visit Mentrau Bach

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