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Skills, training or learning, whatever you want to call it is a core passion for us. Helping people develop their skills to have their own adventures is really important to us.

We provide Mountain Training Hill & Mountain Skills courses courses, are listed as providers of OMM training (the only in Wales) and work together with Harvey Maps

"Ashley really helped my to get an excellent preparation for The OMM Alps!! The training weekend in Wales was great fun and I learned a lot. Highly recommend No-Mad!"

"Very informative and interesting without it being complicated ( map reading morning)"

"I had a great weekend with Ashley from No-Mad. The group were all lovely interesting people and the course itself was the right mix of challenging, thought-provoking, and supportive. It's really easy for someone as knowledgable on a subject as Ashley to take for granted the little things, but his people skills and passion for the subject make him a great guide and instructor. Needless to say, we all passed the course and I only got the group lost twice" 

Skills Courses


Mountain Training Hill & Mountain Skills Courses

Walking in the hills is a great way to explore the outdoors, boost your confidence and get some exercise. We know that for people new to hill walking it can be an exciting and slightly daunting prospect which is why Mountain Training developed two courses designed to equip you with some basic knowledge and safety skills so that you can participate in more hill and mountain walking in your own time.

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Mountain Marathon preparation days

OMM events are an all round mountain challenge and requires a competitor to use a number of different skills at different times throughout the race. Continual personal development is a goal for every hill user.  We'll help you develop your skills and move more efficiently across the terrain and have a slightly more comfortable night.

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