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Mountain Marathons were originally designed to test orienteering skills in extreme circumstances. Each team must carry all their gear, including equipment for an overnight camp. The course is not disclosed until the race begins, so each team must have good navigation skills as well as good mountain judgement and campcraft.

OMM weekend preparation

We'll head out into some wild parts of Snowdonia National Park to practice the level of navigation that is needed for the OMM.

Camping out gives you the chance to practice campcraft and learn how to give yourself a chance to be warm and a bit more comfortable.

We strongly suggest you do this weekend with the partner you'll be heading to the event with.

Mountain Marathon days

Do you want to practice specific skills?

  • Moving efficiently in mountain terrain

  • Navigation

  • Campcraft

  • Nutrition and hydration

  • Equipment

We can focus on some or one of these in a single day to answer your questions.

OMM Training weekends 2023 (click to send a message)

4th and 5th March

2nd and 3rd September

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