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Winter Challenge 2020

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

There's been a bit of head scratching over the last little while to come up with something suitably challenging and dastardly for this winters free challenge. For those that know, It's like #DecampDol but with a twist.

Alphabet journeys! - #A2ZJourney

And, it's free to enter!

You have 6 hours to get as far away (straight line) from T.H Roberts Cafe (SH 72830 17836) in Dolgellau as possible on foot.

You will visit locations marked on the current OS 1:25k map in alphabetical order (to avoid confusion, this is the English alphabet). You may skip letters if you wish, i.e Aberystwyth, Trawsfynydd , Waun Oer would count.

You must be self supported (though you can journey with others if you choose)

The journey must be completed between 1st January and 28th February 2020

You will score 2 points for each location visited in alphabetical order plus 1 point for each linear kilometre (as the crow flies) from T.H Roberts.

You will score an additional set of points as follows - if you complete and submit the route in the following date windows:

1st -19th January + 5 points

20th January - 2nd February +3 points

3rd - 16th February +1 point.

Our preference is that you submit your route on Strava as a 'race' (by sharing on our Facebook page) within 48 hours of completing your journey. We will however accept a GPX trace of your journey emailed to

In the strava description, or in the e-mail to us, please note the letters you are submitting (e.g. A,B,D,G,H etc) and the hashtag #A2ZJourney

Only your first submission will count.

Most points wins. And wins the glory of a warm and fuzzy glow! ;-)


Of course we want you to have fun with this challenge but please keep in mind.....

You are undertaking this challenge at your own risk, you should ensure you have the skills, experience and equipment to be safe in the conditions and route that you choose on the day.

We are happy and encourage you to let us know when and where you are going but you must let us know when you have completed your day. If you are overdue, and you don't let us know, we will contact Mountain Rescue on your behalf. Please mail to arrange this prior to starting your challenge.

What else do you need you need to know before taking on the challenge?

We expect you to do this in the spirit is offered, a mountain challenge. We expect you to be respectful of others, users and landowners. If we suspect you are cheating, or not in the spirit of the challenge, our judgement is final.

It is essential that the Strava submission is marked as 'race' this shows the elapsed time, and not the moving time.

In the event that two runners submit runs with the same linear distance from Dolgellau, we will award 1km extra for the runner with a higher proportion of their journey off tarmac and another 1km for more height gain. If there is still a tie, we will organise something!

Useful information

TH Roberts - 01341 423552

Cader Cabs - 07766 983103

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