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Dolgellau Deluge 2023 write up

no-mad Adventures free challenges have been a highlight to every year that one has happened. Whether it's DeCamp Dolgellau, Recamp Dolgellau, CopaABont or No right turns the aim is always been to give a challenge that celebrates the area, and adventure.

Dolgellau Deluge with it's (as expected) funny rules (or lack of) pulls together some elements of great events (like the OMM and B.O.U.N.C.E ) and make a happy inclusive celebration of all things not quite the norm.

As folk arrived at the Start/Finish it was a cold day, with a little threat of drizzle. The 15 minute briefing clarified a few things, including the hyper important 2 point penalty for every minute of being late, and if it feels sketchy, don't do it. A quick reminder that we must respect the countryside, an update on stock and rights of way closures, to look out for each other and have fun, before the 15 minute planning session.

A quick cross check of the time at 5 minutes, 90 seconds and the final countdown and folk were away at differing speeds.

As 3pm approached folk started to arrive back in the area, a few damp faces, but all smiling. a quick touch of the Pot of Gold at the end of the Rainbow in the park and they were all done.

From here it was back to TH Roberts for a warming drink and the promised Meg's Mince Pie that was the enticement for all the competitors. It was even heard "This is just like "Race Across the World, but better, who wants £20k when you can have a mince pie from Meg." That's the spirit.

From the course there were tales of daring, from extreme river crossings (they were joking) to blocked paths (they were) people chattered about where they had been as we carefully added up the DRIPs that everyone collected in their two and a half hours (less any penalties of course).

This heat map shows how many visits each BUCKET received. As pointed out, this isn't the same as how many attempted visits there were.


So, on to the all important DRIP count in each category.


Helen - 87 points



Dave - 63 points

Mat - 72 points


Wil & Jez - 107 points

Chris & Gwion - 90 points


Joy, Amanda, Gudrun, Andy & Mike - 109 points

Mark & Sarah - 64 points*


Edmund, Idris, Osian, Alys, Myla (supported by Mums & Dad) - 145 points*

* denotes bonus points awarded for exceptional acts of kindness to animals whilst on the cours

This of course means, that overall the U14 category were the overall champions of 2023.

As a few statistics

23 participants

56% male, 44% female

5 U14

We won't ask but there was definitely one over 70

13 regular participants at Dolgellau parkrun

3 members of two local Mountain Rescue Teams

2 members of RNLI locally

4 members of Meirionnydd Running

1 participant (Wil) has completed every no-mad challenge since they started

2 people sported the original no-mad running buff

And all 100% stars for having a go.

Finally, beneath is a few photo's from this years Dolgellau Deluge.

Diolch yn fawr pawb, thank you everyone.

Till the next time keep adventuring, in a not too mad way.

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