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If you're going to do the Dolgellau Deluge, fill in this form. 

WHAT IS IT? - It's a bit of navigation, a bit of a treasure hunt, a bit of a fun challenge.

START - Midday 2nd December 2023. Dolgellau (location TBC to entrants)


There will be six classes

  • Male

  • Female

  • Mixed

  • Under 14 (must be accompanied by an over 18)

  • Mountaineer (boots and minimum 5kg rucksack)

  • Fancy dress

Teams can be solo (other than under 14) or as many as you want.



12:00 Briefing.

12:15 Issue of information

12:30 Start

15:00 Finish (at the start location)

15:!5 Tea and medals




BUCKETs - Beautiful Unique Copper Knowledge & Effort Testers . Markers approx 1cm x 6cm in size

DRIPs - Demanding Reward Identification Points 

At each BUCKET you will need to collect some information to be awarded the DRIPs.

It will be impossible to collect all BUCKETs in the allowed time.

There will be special DRIPs available only to under 14s.


You will receive BUCKET information at 12:15 on sheets of plain paper.

For each BUCKET you will get:

  • A six figure OS Grid Reference

  • The number of DRIPs awarded

  • A description

  • Photo

You will lose DRIPs for for each minute after 15:00 you return.


The winner in each class will be the highest score.

There are no restrictions on how you navigate. This is a totally self-sufficient challenge where you must make your own decisions about route choice, equipment navigation and safety. There's no entry fee, and no prizes, just the warm and fuzzy feeling of completing a challenge as best as you can and the recognition from other Dolgellau Delugers!

If you're going to do the Dolgellau Deluge, fill in this form. 

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