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People and Places, before profit

no-mad is a business, but it's part of a bigger 'business' too.

We're in the business of developing people and inspiring passion and protection for places.

no-mad stands for some very deeply felt values, and that always eclipses profit. If we generate profit, it is re-invested in developing people; both people that work for no-mad and those that we work with.

We want to work cooperatively in our community, we want more businesses related to the outdoor sector to succeed.

We want to provide the best service and products, and work with companies who are the best at what they do.

We won't avoid signposting people to other organisations who are either better than us, or have more to gain (clubs and youth organisations for example). Or, if we can bring those better organisation into our brand (often at zero profit for no-mad) then we will provide services that way.

We work hard to keep our skills and knowledge as current and relevant as we can, not shying away from qualifications and personal development to prove to the customer we're as good as we say we are.

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