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Navigation Puzzle 4

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

This week is all about making a decision or two, based on the ground that you are comfortable moving through. If you're brand new to contours, have a watch of the video at the end of this.

The area for this week is just off the East of the M6 and is a wonderful area for navigation. Having been the location for two OMM (formerly the KIMM) events you know the Howgills are going to be suitably tricky.

Moving around in the Howgills is about seeing and understanding the shapes of contours and how you can best move through them. With 'easy' lines both on the tops and in the valleys, there are opportunities to make distance, but decisions have to be made to cross those contour lines at some point!

If you haven't got a map (paper or digital) you can get Ordnance Survey maps from (change road in the top right to Ordnance Survey :-))

There is no 'right' answer for this journey - it's all about your experience, fitness and understanding of the landscape. For me, the optimal route is about 17km and a calf sapping 1150m of ascent.


605m Spot height SD 6621 9462

Hut SD 6566 9638

Trig Point SD 6674 9705

Cairn SD 6463 9807

Trig NY 6986 0106



If you want to have a look at the route option that I would choose - have a look here


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