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June NNAS Bronze award offer

We have two Bronze NNAS dates in June based in South Snowdonia.

9-10 June and 11-12 June (click the link for booking details)

These courses are brilliant (we would say that) in that they develop navigation skills in a progressive way to quite a high standard.

As you can see the bronze award maps across to a number of areas really well.

Whilst we can teach you whilst doing the activities, we've decided that teaching you on foot and then transferring into your preferred activity is better for you.

So, if you book on to one of the courses in June, you have the option to do a third day with us, free of charge a bit later on as a guided day.

As a qualified Mountain Leader, and a Mountain Bike Leader, here in South Snowdonia we have some amazing places to explore that are within every level of NNAS, but Bronze particularly we have a lot of amazing trails to follow.

So, if your chosen activity is trail running, gravel biking or hill walking, after you've done your Bronze Award come back and explore some of the amazing areas here in South Snowdonia with your new found skills, whilst having Ash in the background to gently coach you on the route we've planned in the morning.

So, book 2 days and get a third (usually £150 per day) absolutely free.

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