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Navigation Puzzle - 2

Ring contours are lovely to find out in the hills, and they are the focus of this puzzle.

This is definitely easier done on a paper map, with a compass and pencil - or maybe download a digital map from your favourite site you'll need Ordnance Survey OL 18 - if you use a soft pencil (I like a 5B) then it's easy to rub out afterwards and might look something like this when you're done.

Don't worry if a some of the points beneath don't fall exactly on a feature - remember if you were plotting a distance and bearing (vector) on a marine chart it's likely to just be blue! This is all about confidently transferring the details from point to point.

All you need to do is count the number of ring contours the straight line track this route describes cross through. Legs are described bearing in degrees, then distance.

START SH 7020 2007

Leg 1 001° 2.96km

Leg 2 314° 1.23km

Leg 3 242° 1.23km

Leg 4 037° 0.98km

Leg 5 139° 3.28km

Leg 6 091° 0.78km

Leg 7 019° 0.66km

Leg 8 143° 0.59km

Leg 9 207° 0.55km

Leg 10 150° 2.07km

If you've been accurate, you'll finish at SH 7319 1951 Cymer Castle (site of)

So how many ring contours do you cross?

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