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Navigation puzzle

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

Well, it's possible you might just be looking for something to keep your mind fired up in Navigation mode at the moment!

So, here's a little map based puzzle to take you on a stroll around Meirionnydd. References work on a 1:25,000 OS map. The paper maps it is on are OS OL18 and OL23.

All (!) you need to do is follow the directions around beneath collecting the letters that are described in the < >.

Once you have the seven letter word, you can pop the word into XXXXXXX in the URL and you'll get a picture of a fantastic bit of bronze age history in the area.

Good luck!


Start at the Trig [SH 702 201]

Head 8.1km bearing 029

<First letter of the house name>

Go due North just over 1km until your feet are properly wet

Turn upstream staying on the main river to the first field boundary crossing the river above the 400m contour

<Repeated letter of the name of the Ford>

Go to the peak 11.5 km bearing 359

<6th Letter of the peak>

Head north to find the county boundary, turn west to where the boundary crosses the road.

From the boundary road crossing go 1.75km on a bearing of 257

<1st letter of the mountain>

1.14km away is a manmade structure on the 390m contour

<1st letter of the structure>

Roughly 15km away, just south of south west is a trig point at 720m

<1st letter of the mountain>

Follow the highest ground southwards to a cairn at 517m

Go 3.75km on a bearing of 189

Here you'll see the Citadel of Light, it might even have a special birthday cake on it this year

<First letter of the second word>

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1 Comment

Mar 27, 2020

Hey Mark, drop an email to and I'll send you some details 👍🏼

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