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Fancy earning money from your Adventures?

Mountain journeys
Wandering content creator

Could your adventures use a little more funding? Are you wanting to start, or advertise yourself more as a content creator?

Are you UK based, and think that you can enthuse others about your adventures?

We're looking for up to 13 contributors for 2020 that will submit 4 articles during the year.

Each contributor can pick one or more themes. Then send your content as

  • a 90 second edited video


  • 5 pictures and 200 words

In return we'll pay you £25 for each article, credit you for the work and link/tag you on social media.

The themes are:

  • Trig points

  • Summits

  • Lakes

  • Light

  • Campspots

  • Linear journeys

  • Waterfalls

  • Sunrises & Sunsets

  • Journey people

  • Seasons

  • Wild food

  • Bushcraft

  • Meirionnydd

If you're interested in being a contributor, drop an e-mail by 9am on 2nd December to with

  • Your social media account(s) you want to promote e.g. website, Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, Flickr and/or YouTube/Vimeo

  • 200 words on why no-mad should pick you

  • Which theme(s) you would like

Look forward to hearing from you!

Publish your story

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