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Covid-19 update 23.3.2020

As everyone is aware at this stage, the last week has been a massively fast paced and changing environment for anyone who enjoys the outdoors. And, today the BMC has (rightly) made the statement that the public should restrict the use of the wild spaces in the UK. []

For me (Ash) in no-mad I have had to think long and hard about what I feel I should do, responsibly at this time. I live an hour and half, running, away from the top of a number of mountains (Mynydd Moel and Rhobell Fawr) and have local access to many more. However, the time has come for me to change my behaviour.

As much as I love, and have had no incidents in over 20 years, running and moving solo in wild places, the potential risk for placing additional stress on the rescue and emergency services at this time is intolerable for me to consider. It is highly likely that I could 'get away' with it, but the impact of not getting away with it has too significant consequences.

The other option is to undertake these journeys with another person, and thereby reducing the risk. However, unless that person lives in the same household, then travelling to the hills, or maintaining a 2m separation means others are again at risk.

Now is not the time to show hubris - be humble #StayAtHome

The hills will be there when this is over - make sure you and yours are too.

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