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RUNspiration - Dyfnant

Sometimes even murky days offer up a bit of fun.

The Dyfnant is better known for the 100 miles of track that get used for rallying and horse riding, but it is appetisingly close to the A458 so within easy striking distance of Shrewsbury.

As with a lot of the NRW forests there is a lot to explore - this route really just scratches the surface of a fairly amazing space. The out and back part of my route was from the nearest place I could park between the A458 and the forest - there are formal parking areas on the B4395 (SJ 017 135) which would be better really.

This forest suits itself to sharing the activity with other, for all but about 100m of this route, you could run with a pushchair buggy, or someone on a touring bicycle. Definitely worth an explore.

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