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Plogging for Keep Wales Tidy

One of the things that no-mad pride ourselves on is being deeply connected to the environment through which we journey. Additionally, if we can we like to leave those spaces in a better place than when we started.

During 2019 we, and other in the area carried out Pinch Punch Plogging runs. Plogging is a combination of jogging with picking up litter ( from the Swedish: plocka upp), Pinch Punch was the first of the month. This has proven more difficult as the days shorten over winter.

A good few people have enjoyed plogging with us, it's very social, and makes such a difference to areas that are visited.

We are delighted to announce that Plogging is back for 2020, and this time in partnership with Keep Wales Tidy. We'll be Plogging at 11am on the 4th January, 1st February and 7th March. We'll be focussing on the Dolgellau parkrun route. no-mad will be doing some survey work ahead of the plogs, and collecting some data from those who plog with us. Keep Wales Tidy are providing all the litter picking equipment, and this is suitable for runners, walkers or joggers of any age or ability. 

This project is an important way to demonstrate that as people that use the outdoors we care deeply about it.

These free to attend dates will be on a Facebook Event, and on a Strava Event, so you can keep up to date with when you need to be where!

If you can't make it to Dolgellau, but would like to be involved in this project, please get in touch, and we can make sure we provide you with the relevant equipment, and we can grab the information that Keep Wales Tidy need.

Any questions drop a message to or give us a call on 01341 29 30 31

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