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Pen Llyn Ultra, Winter Edition Medical Cover

In the summer we provided event first aid cover to the summer edition of the Pen Llyn Ultra we did this through our other 'brand' Mentrau Bach - you can read all about that event here .

This was the first event we have covered since re-branding no-mad running, to just no-mad and can't think of a better event to do it at.

Many of the participants at the winter edition have become friends through courses and other events that we have been involved with. This gives a real sense of community when we're out on the course.

So, here is a little breakdown of some of the key figures from our side of the event.

We put 3 first responders on the course (Helen, Sarah and Ash). In doing this we put over 40 years of experience and qualifications in extended, practical, outdoor first aid on the course.

On an ultra event it is not realistically possible to provide cover every metre effectively without making it cost prohibitive. So, we gave basic, relevant first aid training to already experienced marshals. This meant we had over 100 eyes on the course, all feeding back through the event directors to us. This of course also up skills the event community too, benefiting many other events in the area and further afield.

We used zero - nothing - first aid disposable supplies. A used a lot of experience, gave a lot of care, got a couple of blankets dirty, and dished out compassion with patience.

We dealt with a runner with a pre-existing medical condition, made worse by the hard conditions. A couple of minor slips with bumps and bruises, and a couple of quite cold people.

We provided advice to a number of runners, and supported marshals to ensure that as many runners as possible could complete their race.

Ash consumed one packet of Golden Crunch Creams. Sarah added several new tunes to her play list from the finish line music. Helen ( ) taught all of the no-mad team on how to take long exposure pictures on their camera.

Congratulations to Huw and his whole team on another fantastic "Beautifully Brutal" event. Look forward to seeing you all again in the Summer (we're booked already).

Thanks to the team, the marshals and runners. To old friends and new!

Here's some of the pictures the team took - with an additional thanks to Amanda Calloway for the start line photo.

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