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Why you're getting faster in lockdown.

I've been having a fair few chats with lots of people about how they're faster, or feeling stronger during lockdown.

For many, this is about consistency - more regular, shorter sessions that are the escape from our restricted life. Whether you run or cycle, the adaptation your body is enjoying is the - I'm going to get out and have a bit of exercise most days.

For most of us, being faster and stronger has no magic formula, it doesn't need to be a half marathon, 3hrs or anything with a particular name. Of course there are sophisticated sessions with names like 'fartlek', 'progressive', 'quality', etc and these absolutely have a place. But, for most being consistent 4-5hrs a week will make a huge difference. The impact of doing 4-5hrs run in one session is actually way less effective than spreading those sessions out. Small gains rather than smashing your body, will, in most cases make a bigger difference to your conditioning, ability to recover, and will let you do something that makes you feel happier.

This is why, for lots of people who want to do some kind of adventure, there is just one simple session I like to recommend the RAASIAH session. This one session done 5 times a week is a fabulous, and very achievable goal.

RAASIAH - Run And A Shower In An Hour.

It doesn't matter if it is a 15 minute run and a 15 minute shower, or a 57 min run and a 3 minute shower. What matters is that you do a run and a shower within an hour.

You will feel better, you will get fitter, and hopefully you won't put yourself under an enormous pressure to do something 'big'.

When working from home, it's quite hard to keep lots of competing pressures in perspective, but doing this consistently will be something feels achievable and gives you the decision whether you want to run short, or longer, fast or slower, do a fartlek session, or just watch the sunset on a run. And hey, at least you have another 23 hrs to do all the other bits we're cramming in - making mozzarella, zoom calls,online food orders and all that good stuff!

Give it a go this week, and see whether you can keep it a regular thing in your week. Start with 3 days and work up, or if you're already doing 4-5 hrs exercise a week, just spread it out a bit more.

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