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Getting Guided

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

For any thrill seeker or adventure Junkie, nothing tops the exploration of rugged woodland, mist-tipped summits, or rocky trails - and for the most daring, the wilder, the better! The United Kingdom (UK) is home to some of the most breath-taking landscapes on earth, with natural pockets of experience awaiting enthusiastic explorers throughout England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales.

The UK bursts with picturesque geography and is home to countless Instagram-worthy locations, but don't let the pretty face fool you: these lands demand respect! Each new natural setting requires a different skill set and challenges our endurance and capabilities as athletes, adventurers, and journeymen, in unique and exciting ways! Even a trodden path can present as an unknown beast under diverse weather conditions. The once dehydrated and easy-going terrain along the Wainwrights, can quickly become a high-risk and boggy underfoot experience, during a Great British winter.

To be fortunate enough to live in (or visit) the UK and not investigate the untamed wonder that nature has provided would surely cause a war in the soul of any outdoors-loving man or woman. The Lakes were made to be wandered, the rolling hills of South Downs want to be stomped, and Snowdonia begs to be mounted ... but the key to a successful experience is safety. Afterall, who wants to return home with limp tales of twisted ankles, costly navigational errors, and damp logistical mistakes in lieu of triumphant conquest? For that, dear adventurers, would be a bit of an anti-climax.

So, how can we take advantage of the United Kingdom and all her wild glory, while staying safe and getting the upmost out of our experiences?

Well, I am glad you asked!...

Getting guided by no-mad Adventures enables people to get the very best out of their time on the mountains, trails, backwoods and beyond. Led by Ash, with over 30 years of experience in outdoor adventure – scramblers, mountain and gravel bikers, trail, and mountain runners alike – can access the support of expert knowledge and assistance while they take on new and exciting challenges.

Under the guidance of no-mad Adventures you will be fully supported along your journey, side by side with your guide to help problem solve and get ahead, leaving you with more ‘mind space’ to absorb the wild settings. Gently, you’ll gain valuable life-long skills that go home with you, banked, and reusable, for whatever journey you decide to take on next: skill set transferable from adventure-to-adventure!

In addition to understanding safe practice, enhanced skill set, and expert support, no-mad Adventures provide an excellent travelling companion, with a deep understanding of local areas, helping you to connect with the lands you tread!

Hiring a no-mad Adventure guide is a brilliant way to form bonds to people and places as you become enthused with local knowledge, while discovering and/or advancing your own capabilities and skills. No-mad adventures are THE training and guide specialists in South Snowdonia providing a committed and professional service to adventurers, beginner to expert!

No-mad Adventures have put over three decades of experience and knowledge into creating a progressive and supportive learning environment, that gently encourages people to grow their capabilities and confidence in independent adventure.

“Whether you want 1:1 guiding into a wild space, a corporate group taken to the top of a mountain, or an event planned, and managed, no-mad Adventures can do it all, in a completely relaxed, yet efficient and professional manner”

No-mad Adventures are a Mountain Training provider, and a National Navigation Awards Scheme provider, who deliver event first aid to a number of races throughout wild places! The lead guide (Ash) has over 3 decades of experience in various types of journeys and is an Associate Fellow of the Royal Institute of Navigation, A full member of the Mountain Training and qualified First Aider” (learn more here).

For more information about how no-mad adventures can support you, get in contact here.

Written by Sophie Hunt, freelance journalist check her website here -

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